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UniQ Core

UniQ Core

UniQ Core

Also called Rule Based Accounting Engine. It includes the following components :

UniQ Framework defines the referential data such as currency codes and exchange rates, account categories, transaction codes, accounting rules, Gaap type, and accounting Schemas.

UniQ Event Engine captures external business events and processes them into accounting events; contingent and non-contingent booking events, and non-accounting Event such as inventory, notification, etc.

UniQ Accounting Interpreter captures accounting events and processes them into contingent and non-contingent journal entries.

UniQ Accounting Engine is a suitable solution for any type of organization to solve complex accounting issues such as the followings:

  • Multi-Gaaps,
  • Trade date - Value date conversion,
  • Transfer Pricing bookings,
  • Special tax treatments,
  • Internal cost allocation,
  • Collateral accounting,
  • Provisioning,
  • Position Accounting,
  • Consolidation bookings,
  • Negative interest rate bookings,
  • Interest Accrual paid and not paid,
  • Off Balance Sheet Bookings for collaterals,
  • And any other required accounting rules.