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UniQ Core

It’s the base of UniQ Solution, it includes the Framework or the referential system, the Event Engine, and the Accounting Interpreter.

General Ledger

It includes journal entry capture, Event capture, Accounting Books, end of period processing, and financial reports.

Cost Accounting

It includes budgeting, cost and income allocations, Plant wide and ABC costing methods.

Regulatory Engine

Is used to map and extract financial data from UniQ General Ledger and other Data Sources to produce Regulatory Reports.

Financial Consolidation

is used to gather data from different entities, perform, Currency Conversion, Elimination and Aggregation processes in order to produce consolidated group reports.

Accounts Payable

Captures payable transactions, starting from purchasing requests to invoices and credit notes.

Accounts Receivable

Captures Receivable transactions, starting from purchasing order to the invoice.

Fixed Assets

Captures inventory events from the Event Engine to updates the Asset Register.

Inventory Managment

Captures stock movement events from UniQ Event Engine and updates the stock register.

Salary & Wages

Maintains Employee profiles and salary configuration. The monthly payroll process can be calculated as many time as required.

Human Resources

Includes multiple configurable functions such as employee job and career management.


It builds actual and forecasted cash positions.


Is designed to run multiple business units within the same environment and Database.