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UniQ Treasury

UniQ Treasury (UniQ-TR) processes all payments and manage cash positions within the organization. It receives outgoing payment from UniQ Payroll,Payables,Staff Expenses , and Incoming payment from UniQ Receivables .UniQ-TR maintains cash positions in various currencies and for different future dates. It’s possible also to capture from third party system cash flow in and out related to other activities such as Loans and Deposit.

UniQ TR offers the following functions:

• Automatic generation of Incoming and Outgoing payments in advance.
• Payment amount authorization is made based on user role rights.
• Provides timewise forecasting cash positions
•Automatic generation of the Foreign Currency position movements.
• Foreign Currency Position Revaluation.
• Revaluation Reports and Bookings.
• Treasury Journals.
• Capture cash flow related to Loans and Deposits manage in other third party systems.
• Reclassification Events for loans and deposits positions.
• Bank Account Statement Reconciliation with General Ledger.