Inventory Management UniQ Solutions

Inventory Management

UniQ Inventor Management (UniQ-IM) captures stock movement events from the Event Engine and updates the stock register table. These events can be originated from UniQ Payables or UniQ Receivables or from Third Party Systems.

In Addition to the capture of the In and out movements, UniQ Stock Control provides maintenance functions such as Revaluation, Impairment, Transfer, and Write off events.

UniQ Stock Control offers the following functions:

    • Automatic update of stock register table
    • In and Out Movements are booked in real time based on accounting events.
    • Stock items are valued at the Average Cost Method in real time
    • Stock value and General ledger are permanently in Sync.
    • Maintenance operations such as transfer, impairment, and revaluation.
    • Monthly Stock Item variation reports
    • Inventory stock report
    • Code Barre Generator
    • Code Barre Reader
    • Stock Items are categorised by family and sub-families